When you’re in the throws of an unhealthy relationship with food, your body & exercise, all movement is just about calorie burn.

And all food is just about calories.

And all bodies are just about size.

Anything that does not (in your mind) directly contribute to your goal of getting smaller, leaner, thinner — is hardly useful.

For years, I missed out on morning walks, evening walks, walks with friends, walks with…

(Hint: it’s not bubble baths & wine)


“I am more myself when I take care of myself.”

How obvious is this yet how often overlooked?

It is as true as it is forgotten,

as simple as it is made difficult:

We cannot be any more ourselves than we allow ourselves to be.

Our selves can only thrive if we feed them,
nurture them,
care for them.

You are more yourself — most yourself — when you take care of yourself.


I just needed a new pair of shorts & all I got was lowered self-esteem

It was Saturday morning. We were at the local outlet mall. And I was about to try and make friends with my body, again.

I am a 5 foot 2, curvy, 25 year old white female. It’s summer. And I need a pair of jean shorts.

That’s all.

Coincidentally, my…

You can eat well & exercise all you want, but if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle, does that really matter?

The world is rampant with health advice.

You can’t even check out at the grocery store without seeing at least 5 magazine covers about the latest “diets,” “superfoods,” workout trends or anti-aging juices and gels.

Health advice — good & not-so-good — is everywhere, and while the bombardment comes from a place of (mostly) good intentions, much…

Emily Jordan

Women’s Health Consultant | runner · lifter · creator · laugher |

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